The role of technology in our everyday life is undeniable. It is fundamental in many respects, from its ability to enable creating business competitiveness, through to economic growth and boost in employment. That’s why we have created team of people that work with big technology companies, assisting them in all aforementioned matters. Our technology team offers legal support and dispute resolution in different areas involving technology, such as online commerce and new media, IT, software and telecommunications. Our experts draft and negotiate a wide range of information technology agreements, including software licenses, SaaS and cloud computing agreements, domestic and foreign outsourcing contracts, IT distribution agreements, joint development agreements, data licenses and IT professional services contracts.


We provide legal consulting on development, hosting, content management and security management of website, mobile-site, web-platform and mobile-platform, procurement and delivery of IT systems and services we advise our clients on provision of security services, outsourcing projects and managed services, software development and distribution. Our experts offer legal support in all these day-to-day operations in order to efficiently meet the industry-specific demands facing our clients.