A one-stop-shop
for all data-related needs

From an adequate data collection and processing, to a correct handling of data breaches and deletion of data when no longer necessary, we want to help our clients in extracting the most value out of their data.


We offer our clients an holistic approach to achieve a strategic compliance: we do not only advise on legal matters and their implementation, but also on how to communicate achievements internally and externally in order to create competitive advantages for our clients’ business.

We help to:

Build a compliant, yet flexible and customizable, data management plan

1. Collect

By understanding clients’ needs and helping them establish a clear strategy

2. Maintain

By regularly updating the framework and monitoring changes in the market

3. Analyze

By knowing the appropriate methods & tools to analyze high quality data

4. Share

By building the correct infrastructure to share data in a safe and effective way

5. Protect

By ensuring data access is limited and an adequate defense of the assets is in place

We take care of your knowledge

The brand equity you’re building is your most valuable asset. Don’t let your competition profit from it.


Our team will help you protect your patents, trademarks and copyrights, create a strategy on how to monetize your assets and ensure other players are not taking an unfair advantage.

We help to:

Create a strong IP strategy – a key element of any successful company

1. Protect

By advising how to keep business ideas and trade secrets confidential

2. Document

By helping our customers to record concepts and original content in detail

3. Trademark

By following every step to register all necessary trademarks as soon as possible

4. Register

By examining all clients’ assets and creating a complete bulletproof IP portfolio

5. Invest

By supporting our partners to succeed in finding the ideal investor for their ideas

Our Values


Dedication to our customers

Our main goal is to meet the technical and personal requirements of our customers and create a relationship of great trust with all partners we work with

Passion for the subject

The shared passion we have for what we do sees us excel in our work and ensures consistently great commitment and attention to detail

Team enhancement

We achieve great performance in the field of strategic legal consulting thanks to our team of professionals: brilliant people who offer tangible results for our clients

Why us

  • Dynamic: we are flexible and committed to our clients needs, always ready to respond to sudden changes in plans or objectives.
  • Streamlined: we do not have huge overheads and we always optimize our clients’ budget to provide the best return of investment.
  • Diverse: our professionals are multicultural and speak many languages; they are able to communicate with clients from different backgrounds.
  • Business focus: we provide legal advice with a business focus in mind. We believe that legal compliance should create new assets for our clients.

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