Media sport and entertainment


ICT Legal Consulting has a team of lawyers working specifically within the media, sport and entertainment industry. We have years of experience, working with the biggest companies in the sector.


Our clients benefit greatly from our advice on finance, exploiting media rights, regulatory and administrative issues and more. Our client base is broad, ranging from banks, investors, sponsors, event promoters and agencies etc. As our team is comprised of professionals from around the world with deep knowledge in media sport and entertainment industry at international level, we can be considered as the trusted legal advisors of big international multi-corporations that operate in TV, film, social media, digital commerce, gambling, news, sports, data, entertainment and media technology.


We understand that each of our clients are different and that’s why we provide specific and personalized legal strategies, with a strong focus on technology, always striving to meet every kind of need, ranging from social media-related issues and the drafting of social media policies, online and mobile games, content licensing and distribution, negotiating and drafting software agreements and subsequent licensing.