With the growing importance of retail brands in our society and evolving demand from retailers for legal advice, ICT Legal Consulting has created a team of experts dedicated only to the retail industry.


We offer advisory and consultation services and strategic planning. Our highly experienced team is at the service of our clients, always striving to help them achieve their best possible results.


Our team offers our clients advice based on legal expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the industry, their own company, as well as the distinctive commercial components that affect them. We have a fundamental understanding of the continually changing business environment and the commercial, competitive and compliance issues facing the retail sector.


We support our clients in this sector in all key areas of their business, from strategic growth and divestments to international brand management, commercial relationships and regulatory compliance. Our focus is on technology, data protection and intellectual property aspects of the industry, and we advise clients on targeted and non-targeted advertising, privacy policies, processing customer payment details, post-purchase analysis, e-commerce, international brand management & IP issues, franchising and licensing arrangements.


Our lawyers are all experienced in dealing with the legal and commercial issues faced by clients ranging from multinationals, down to smaller local and international retailers, investors, fashion brands, as well as luxury goods manufacturers and suppliers.