The importance of the healthcare industry today is beyond any doubt. Due to the particular nature of data processed in this sector, the healthcare industry can be considered as one of the most regulated in the world.


ICT Legal Consulting understands the necessity of safeguarding personal sensitive data in the area of public health, by providing all of its clients concrete advice on how to ensure the compliance with national and international data protection law. Lack of compliance with these rules may result in serious consequences for all involved.


Our team of lawyers provide concrete data protection strategies to meet regulatory requirements against data breach. Each of our clients can benefit from our consultation services on diverse areas, including healthcare technology, healthcare regulation, privacy and data protection, legal advice on IT outsourcing and cloud computing for the healthcare sector, online collection of medical findings regulatory compliance, telemedicine regulatory compliance, online reservation of health examinations regulatory compliance, Patient Relationship Management (PRM) regulatory compliance, Electronic Health Record (EHR) regulatory compliance and Electronic Health File (EHF) regulatory compliance.