Financial services


ICT Legal Consulting works with big financial services companies including banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, investment funds and others.


On a daily basis, our clients receive legal support by our lawyers in all matters regarding selling of financial services to consumers. Given the importance of financial services companies in promoting investment, production and saving, ICT Legal Consulting aims to help financial companies in all sectors that lead to economic growth by constantly providing necessary legal strategies.


We provide our clients with a highly experienced team of experts, in order to make sure that we properly meet their needs in regulatory, public policy and enforcement areas, by focusing also on data protection compliance, data security and cyber security.


With the help of technology, financial service institutions are developing and implementing operational and procedural changes in order to comply. By focusing also on data protection compliance, data security and cybersecurity protection, ICT legal consulting helps institutions in building a strong a proactive data privacy policy.