Food and beverage


ICT Legal Consulting has years of experience working with big local and international companies in food and beverage sector. We believe that growth of the companies in this industry depends very much on the compliance with requirements specified in industry regulations and thus, we offer complete legal support to our clients, always focusing on their aspirations in this highly competitive environment.


Given the aforementioned strong competition, regulatory requirements are very demanding. For this reason our food and beverage team advises companies in their day-to-day operations, ensuring compliance with the existing law, whilst maximizing results.


It is a well known fact that this industry in a constant state of evolution, so our aim is to track closely with new developments and to offer to our clients innovative and practical solutions. ICT Legal Consulting provides legal support that covers different issues affecting food and beverage industry, such as labelling, branding and distinguishing marks of quality. Other supported areas include related commercial disputes; protection of industrial and intellectual property in the food industry; the use and impact of technology; regulatory compliance; and dispute resolution.