Hospitality and leisure


Organizations operating within the hospitality and leisure industries must respond to the challenges of a multi-channel environment, consumer trends, economic conditions and technology.


The ICT Legal Consulting team of experts understand the importance of the market dynamics and changing market forces and within this complex framework, provide concrete advice to companies in order to enable their growth.


We provide full legal support on development, contractual agreements, franchise and outsourcing operations, data privacy security technology arrangements. Furthermore, we advise clients on data privacy compliance, by performing audits on current data protection practices, gap analysis to identify the areas requiring changes to comply with local and national data protections regulations, revisiting processes for obtaining personal data from individuals, such as privacy policies and registration forms for loyalty program.


Our many years of experience and vast array of successful cases has resulted in us building a portfolio of clients, of which are some of the most important hospitality and leisure companies at both an local and international level.