Marketing & Digital Advertising

Our expertise

  • Legal compliance assessments (Legal Impact Assessment) on personal data and consumer protection in marketing and digital advertising operations.
  • Drafting of privacy policies to support marketing and digital advertising operations.
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for marketing and digital advertising operations (e.g., Data Management Agreements, Joint-Controllership Agreements, etc.).
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment on marketing automation and digital advertising solutions (e.g., programmatic).
  • Due diligence on third-party databases for marketing.
  • Regulatory and data protection legal support for participation in national and international competitions.
  • Training courses on personal data protection in marketing and digital advertising for employees.

Our experience

Through the years we have worked with several clients and gained significant experience in the following industries: Education; Energy; Financial Institutions; Food and Beverage; Government Contracting; Healthcare; Hospitality and Leisure; Insurance; Life Sciences; Media, Sport and Entertainment; Retail; Technology.

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